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Ubiquitous Invisibility 


Glass is the ultimate invisible material, everywhere around us, but in daily life often ignored.  It facilitates many of our preoccupations, framing the world, protecting us from the elements, holding our liquor, enabling us to see into our bodies, out into the universe. It brings data to our laps through hairline threads to increasingly interactive glass screens.  Yet despite its omnipresence and familiarity in our lives, we seem to either ignore its material presence, looking through its transparency, or retain the overriding perception of its fragility and potentially harmfulness. 


Work in progress

This body of work, developing over the spring and summer of 2019, is experimenting with ways of using glass  to consciously intervene in our viewing of a painting.  The glass is a pixel, a lens, an atomiser, a carrier of light, altering and abstracting the image and the experience of the artwork, just as it does everyday, all around us.