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'Glimpses of Marleycombe'  

‘Glimpses of Marleycombe’ explores the ancient earthworks of Marleycombe Hill in the village of Bowerchalke, Wiltshire, where I live. The work is inspired by glimpsing the hill through glass and a poem, 'Quiet' by Majorie Pickthall, writer, who lived here from 1912 - 1920.

'Quiet' by Majorie Pickthall

(this poem may have been inspired by Marleycombe Hill, it certainly evokes it.)

Come not the earliest petal here, but only

wind, cloud, and star,

Lovely and far,

Make it less lonely 

Few are the feet that seek her here, but sleeping

thoughts sweet as flowers

Linger for hours,

Things winged, yet weeping.

Here in the immortal empire of the grasses,

Time, like one wrong

Note in a song,

With their bloom, passes.