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A Woman's Place - 2005-2007

 This site specific project spent three years exploring the archaeological and historical remains of an ancient nunnery, the Nunnaminster, in Winchester.  Bequeathed to Queen Alswitha, widow of King Alfred, on his death in 903 its existence remains largely unknown.  The project took inspiration from the imagined lives of the women who lived there 1000 years ago, making connections with the lives of women in the city in the early 2000s to create paintings, drawings, performance, stories, film projection and ultimately a concept for a permanent walk through public art installation which won two ArtPlus awards for excellence in public art.  To read about the project please click here.

The Site of the Nunnaminster

Blue Glass from archaeological dig 1984

Drawing of Abbess's staff from archaeological dig 1984

Top of Abbess's staff

Concept drawing for labyrinth installation at site

Concept Model for labyrinth

Concept  Model for labyrinth

Concept drawing 2 for labyrinth

Dawn - Prime

Concept model for Labyrinth

Digital print from performance

Digital print from performance

Throwing Cloth

Digital print from performance

Mid-morning - Terce

Digital print from performance

The Book of Nunnaminster

Concept Drawing for Labyrinth

Digital Print from the performance

Digital Print for the performance

Golden Cloth

Concept Map for Labyrinth

Noon - Sext

A Woman's Place I - Painting

A Women's Place II - Painting

Mid-afternoon - Nones

St Cuthbert's Stole

Projection on the Rocks

Photograph of Performance

Dusk - Vespers

A Woman's Day

Digital Print from the performance

Hidden Colour

Projections into the site with performer

Photograph from the performance

Photograph of the perfromance

Digital Print - 'Do You Feel Like Dancing?'

Concept Board for final installation

Technical Drawings for Public Art Installation

Technical Drawings for Public Art Installation

End of Day - Compline