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What people say about Point Line Plane Glass.....


"Alex is a professional highly skilled artist who takes pleasure in the detail and narrative of her pieces I would highly recommend her work which is beautifully handcrafted."


"Alex's glassware is most beautiful, with an ethereal and timeless quality"


"The combination of storytelling and beautifully made object make Alex's work unique and lovely to have in my home."


"Alex's sensitivity to the effect of light on colour as well as her interest in narrative give her work distinction and distinctiveness."


"Uniqueness in a field that is becoming increasingly commercialised. Beautiful colours and intriguing shapes."


"Love the colour, accidental lines, fractures, irregularity, touch and shine of polished glass against unpolished bits, the Rothko-esque colour fields"


"Her spirit shines through her pieces."


"If I had a present to buy I'd always consider going to look at what Alex had to offer. Her work, though unique and individual would fit into most peoples houses and I can't think of any of my friends and family who would not appreciate an item from her collection."

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