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Sensing Time 2013

During 2013 Alex kept a daily blog -  http://sensingtime-blog.tumblr.com/.   Each day of this year photographs, film clips and text  record the changing seasons in colour, light and movement.  In September 2013 Alex was invited to Pilchuck Glass in Washington State to do a residency which explored the material she had gathered.  She manipulated the imagery to create digital prints, and created samples with powdered glass, creating a concept for a contemplative space with large glass/fabric hangings.

April Coast Digital Print

March Woods I Digital Print

Model for Sensing Time Space

Sea Shadow - April

Work from Pilchuck Residency

Work from Pilchuck Residency

Sea Shadow 2 - April

Model for Sensing Time Space

August Harvest Digital Print

January Woods Digital Print

Rock Shadow - July

Drawing for Sensing Time Space

Samples on windowsill

Work from Pilchuck Residency

March River I Digital Print

March River II Digital Print

August Harvest II Digital Print

March River III Digital Print

Puddle Shadow - June

January Woods II Digital Print