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Ubiquitous Invisibility

All artworks and projects are informed by thinking about glass and its role in our daily lives

Glass is the ultimate invisible material, everywhere around us, but in daily life often overlooked.  It facilitates many of our preoccupations, framing the world through windows, protecting us from the elements, holding our liquor, enabling us to see into our bodies, out into the universe through lenses. It brings data to our laps through hairline threads to increasingly interactive glass screens.  Yet despite its omnipresence and familiarity in our lives, we seem to either ignore its material presence, looking through its transparency, or retain the overriding perception of its fragility and potential harmfulness.  


During the time of Covid glass has taken on an even more poignant and important role in our lives.  Windows enabling sight of loved ones, vials and test tubes providing vessels for developing lifesaving vaccines, glass fibre optic cables ensuring we can stay connected, see faces across the ether and communicate in all areas of our lives. 


Several concepts inform my work:  glass as imitator (of ice, of water, of jewels), glass as carrier (of light, and consequently of data and colour), glass as connector (through screens, through fibre optic cables, through lenses to knowledge), glass as barrier (windows, screens, lenses – removing us from the natural world). 


Artworks represent the beginnings of explorations of a series of thoughts, to maybe encourage us to think about glass as our constant companion and become aware of the interventions and influences it has on our perception of the world around us. 

Photos:  @robinsheltonphotography, @juliebrixeywilliams and Alex Hoare

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