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Rock Pools and Puddles Collection

This collection developed from experimenting with heating glass to high temperatures in the kiln and playing with colour and line. At high temperatures the glass flows and the colours start to blend over each other.  The resulting 'pools' and 'puddles' are cut and ground into shapes that I feel respond to the forms the colours have taken, creating unique pieces that contain the traces of their making, shadows of where the glass has melded and an irregularity of shape that holds the forms and colours.  The results seem to reflect a microscopic world through a lens, mixing colours in a fluid, painterly and organic way. The Rock Pool Collection, a particular favourite, is inspired by my life long love of Cornwall and the St Ives artists.  The colours, forms and lines (points, lines and planes) reflect the work of artists such as Wilhelmina Barnes-Graham, inspired, like me, by the constancy of colour/texture and light/opacity of the North Cornish Coast. 


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