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In My Mother's Bed...

Art Installation made from the skeleton of my Mother's bed with kiln formed glass quilt, film projections and surface of glass beads for lying on.

Lie dreams…  full of comfort, compassion, gentleness.  Her softly telling me to imagine I was on a gentle sea, rocking in the waves, lulling me to sleep.  Her tucking me tightly in, leaving a light on low and kissing me gently goodnight.  50 years later me tucking her in, into this bed, leaving the light on low to alleviate her confusion and make her feel safe, kissing her gently goodnight.  


And now this is the skeleton of her bed, originally made to hold the weight of a body, cushioned in wool, covered in brocade, a surface for sleep, for consolation, for conversation, for contemplation, for reading – it has shed its skin and is for memories, for dreams.

I offer this bed, with it's glass quilt and watery projections,  as a calming sea as somewhere to tuck in and float away on dreams of beds, of sea, of mothers, of children.

Photos:  @robinsheltonphotography, @juliebrixeywilliams and Alex Hoare

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